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"The Wrong Promise"


While going over the LOSTTV-FORUM website, I had noticed a thread that asked members how they would have ended "LOST". After reading several other sites and articles about the series, I posted my answer.

There was one thing that I wish Cuse and Lindelof had not added into the script for (6.17)"The End". I wish they had not allowed Kate to promise Claire that she would help raise Aaron after reaching civilization.

I realize that Kate was trying to assure Claire that everything would be all right, once the latter was reunited with Aaron. But in the end, her promise to help raise Aaron struck me as the wrong one to make. Why? It was not possible for her to do so.

When she had departed Los Angeles on the Ajira Flight 316 in (5.06) "316", Kate had broken the parole imposed upon her in (4.04) "Eggtown". Her ten-year parole. I would not be surprised if the moment she returned to civilization after the plane's departure from the Island, chances are Kate ended up in prison for breaking her parole. That would have left Carole Littleton to help daughter Claire raise Aaron.

And I doubt that Kate could have set foot in Australia to reunite with Claire and Aaron after leaving prison. In fact, I doubt that the Australian government would have allowed her to re-enter the country. The last time she was in Australia, she had entered the country illegally and as a fugitive from the law.

All I can say is . . . what had Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof been thinking, when they allowed Kate to make that promise to Claire? They could have found another way for the former fugitive to ease the young Australian woman's fears. And now, the majority of fans automatically believe that Kate had helped Claire raise Aaron. Without Carole Littleton's help.
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