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Top Five Favorite "REVENGE" Season One (2011-2012) Episodes

Below is a list of my top five favorite episodes from Season One of ABC's "REVENGE". Created by Mike Kelley and loosely based upon Alexandre Dumas père's novel, "The Count of Monte Cristo", the series starred Madeline Stowe and Emily VanCamp:


1. (1.15) "Chaos" - This episode features the consequences of the dead body found on the Graysons' beach, during the engagement party for the fake Emily Thorne aka Amanda Clarke and Daniel Grayson.

2. (1.11) "Duress" - While Emily plans to prevent Daniel's former friend Tyler Barrol from interfering with her relationship with Daniel, an increasingly unstable Tyler interrupts Daniel's birthday celebration with a gun and threatens to kill Emily unless Conrad Grayson tells the truth about Emily's late father, David Clarke.

3. (1.05) "Guilt" - Victoria Grayson's former friend Lydia Davis returns to the Hamptons with a vendetta against the former for driving her away and against Emily for exposing her affair with Conrad. Meanwhile, the Graysons' enforcer, Frank Stevens, investigates Lydia after she threatens to expose the family's involvement with David Clarke.

4. (1.07) "Charade" - Conrad and Victoria's plans to celebrate their 25th anniversary attract unwanted guests. While investigating Emily on Victoria's behalf, Frank discovers that she is the real Amanda Clarke and had exchanged identities with the real Emily Thorne, while in juvenile detention.

5. (1.22) "Reckoning" - In the season finale, Emily sets out to rescue her closest ally, Nolan Ross, who had been kidnapped by a white-haired man who played a major role in David Clarke's death. Meanwhile, Victoria sets out to incriminate Conrad for framing David Clarke, her former lover, after she discovers that he had signed the contract to kill the man.
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