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Top Ten Favorite "LOST" (2004-2010) Episodes

Below is a list of my ten favorite "LOST" episodes from its entire six season run from 2004 to 2010:


1. (2.07) "The Other 48 Days" - This is the episode that made me a full fledged fan of "LOST". I had seen some of the early Season 2 episodes, but this one caught me, hook, line and sinker. I had yet to see the Season 1 episodes on DVD. After nearly five years, this story about the Tail Section survivors' first forty-eight days on the island remains my top favorite.

2. (5.08) "LaFleur" - This wonderful episode featured a combination of a time travel adventure and character study of con man James "Sawyer" Ford and about how he, Juliet and a few others become members of the Dharma Initiative in the 1970s.

3. (3.22-3.23) "Through a Looking Glass, Parts I and II" - This is my favorite Jack-centric episode. It centered on the Flight 815 survivors' attempt to contact the inhabitants of a freighter some 80 miles away from the island and deal with a kidnapping threat posed by Ben and the Others. Not only does this episode marked Charlie Pace's death, but also an ending that surprised many viewers.

4. (1.22) "Exodus, Part I" - In the first of a two-part episode in which Danielle Rousseau shocks the survivors by showing up with a dire warning about "the Others" who are on the island, and the black smoke that precedes them. Meanwhile, Michael, Sawyer and Jin ready the raft for sailing. In flashbacks, we see the survivors final moments before they boarded their fateful flight. This episode features some of the series' more emotional moments.

5. (6.14) "The Candidate" - This emotionally driven and action packed episode featured the survivors' attempts to escape the island for good and dealings with a double-cross that lead to great tragedy.

6. (1.17) " . . . In Translation" - For the first time, fans discover that Jin Kwon is not the overbearing and dangerous husband of Sun that many had assumed him to be. Jin and the other survivors also discover a surprising fact about Sun. My favorite episode about the Kwons.

7. (2.11) "The Hunting Party" - In this episode, Jack leads a small party to find Michael, who has left camp to search for his kidnapped son, Walt. This episode is not very popular with fans, but for some reason I like it . . . a lot. I especially enjoyed Jack's interactions with the two men who have rubbed him the wrong way - Sawyer and Locke - and the flashbacks that featured the break up of his marriage.

8. (5.05) "This Place Is Death" - This well written episode featured Jin Kwon's encounters with a young Danielle Rousseau in 1988, Ben Linus' attempts to convince the Oceanic Six to return to the island; and the time traveling began to affect the remaining castaways on the island with tragic results.

9. (2.08) "Collision" - Ana-Lucia Cortez has always been my favorite character in the series, and this episode featured the violent consequences of her accidental shooting of Shannon Rutherford. The flashbacks featured Ana-Lucia's troubles as a cop in Los Angeles and the episode ended with reunions between the Flight 815 survivors. A personal favorite of mine.

10. (3.18) "D.O.C." - After learning that the Others' pregnant women died before giving birth on the island, Sun-Hwa Kwon allowed former Other Juliet Burke to examine her in the Dharma medical station in this fascinating episode that revealed a betrayal from the past on her part.
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